The making of manga advertisement

It is always a team work which matters when creating something very effective in manga advertising in the international settings. We work with manga artists who mostly communicate only in Japanese.
Our mission is to make sure that our manga artists fully understand the intention of  international clients (advertising agencies, publishers, etc) despite the language and cultural barriers, and help them create perfect expressions that meet the client’s expectations.



We had an opportunity to work with Knorr’s advertising campaign last year. Knorr is promoting its cup noodles “3 minutes to Asia”, and wanted to collaborate with a Japanese manga artist (manga-ka)
Here is an example of “the making of manga advertisement”.





The client wanted the main character smiling, and the manga artist came up with three different types of smiles.

In the end, the client wanted to go for the one with open eyes as it is more communicative and expressive.





Then according to the storyline presented by the advertising agency, our manga artist created a short manga story.

It’s 22 year old university student, coming home after spending an entire day at a university. Just arrived home and got so hungry. He thinks of the cup noodle soup. Then in only 3 minutes, the cup noodle soup is ready, and he was so happy.





We had a discussion with the client, and they wanted the character to be older, wearing a white shirt instead of the hoodie. They wanted the noodles not in the character’s mouth.

There was also a request to add some elements associated with Japan. So our manga artist added Mt Fuji, the shrine, and cherry images in the background.





This is the final version! Our Manga artist modified the illustration based on the client’s feedback and we were all happy with the result.