We are an illustration and manga agency representing Japanese artists internationally

Our clients span from advertise agencies to publishers, and virtually all types of businesses looking for unique graphic artworks.

We have selected the best Japanese illustrators and manga artists (mangaka) who are interested in working with projects such as advertising, marketing, and publishing projects, and we are promoting them worldwide. Some of them are already internationally recognized while others are not. But what is common among them is their original, bespoke styles. Their artworks are distinctive, making your projects more unique and stand out.

Surface design

The illustrations that our artists provide can be used for various projects: Advertising, magazines, books, news papers, packaging, textile, tableware, stationery, interior, etc.

One stop solution

If you want to find a manga artist for hire, this is the right place to start with. We work with all types of Japanese illustrators and manga artists. You don’t need to look around different places for your projects. We present you with the right artist, and we always have various options to meet your demand.

The best from Japan

We have handpicked the most talented illustrators and manga artists in Japan. You will always find someone who can create perfect illustrations and manga art for your projects.

Smooth communication

Most of Japanese illustrators and manga artists only communicate in Japanese. But we make sure that the communication between a client and an artist goes as smooth as possible, and there won’t be any misunderstanding.

Manga / Anime artists

We are one of the first agencies representing Japanese Manga / Anime artists. We have specifically chosen artists ideal for advertising, marketing, and publishing projects.


Reliability is crucial for any projects. We make sure that all agreements are properly made without any misunderstandings regardless of the cultural and language barriers, and artworks are submitted in time – according to your schedule. We only work with very reliable artists.

Connecting Europe and Japan for over 15 years

We started our business in 2002, and since then we are working as a bridge between Europe and Japan. We are one of the leading design agencies in Japan, representing many European designers there. This time our aim is to be successful in the other way around as well. We're bringing the best Japan can offer to Europe and the rest of the world!

Representative in Europe - Tada Aoza

I was born and raised in Japan, but have been living in Europe since 2002. After living in Stockholm for five years, I moved my base to Paris. What I learnt after living in Europe for many years is that there is great interest in Japanese art and culture, but I also felt that it is still quite underrepresented. There is so much interesting creativity and talent in Japan, and I am hoping to bring more of them to Europe and the world.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are looking to commission a Japanese manga or illustrations. We will be happy to hear about your projects!

Our artists have worked with many international clients including:

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