CATACI MANGA / ANIME ARTISTS for advertising and marketing

Using manga and anime art for projects such as advertising campaigns, package designs, etc is relatively new. In Japan, it started in 1980s, and since then it has gained so much popularity and proven to be very effective. Many international companies such as Mcdonald’s and 7-Eleven have been using manga and anime art for their advertising campaigns. Nowadays, even the public sectors such as government offices are using them.

But why?

People love animes and mangas. It is because people actually enjoy watching manga and anime images and read them. It is easier and fun to watch and read them, and as a result, they get much more attention than conventional ads.

We are getting more and more inquiries about manga and anime art in the past years from international clients – probably thanks to the popularity of Japanese animes and mangas in the international markets, so we decided to promote manga and anime art for marketing use internationally. Cataci has selected some of the best manga and anime artists from Japan targeting on projects such as advertising, package design, book covers, etc around the world.

Are you looking for a manga/anime artist or manga-ka to hire for your projects? Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

  • ● Manga in promotion is fun
  • ● Possible to display unrealistic, magical expressions
  • ● It is more engaging – people actually read the stories
  • ● It is more noticeable than conventional promotions
  • ● Manga stories are memorable
  • ● They contain much more information than plain texts
  • ● Perfect for products and services that require explanations
  • ● Manga’s storylines offer simulated experiences to consumers
  • ● Manga stories are often shared on social media

Using an existing manga character

You can use existing manga and anime characters for advertising campaigns, package designs, etc. The advantage of using existing manga and anime characters is that people already recognize the characters and it is easier to appeal to a certain group of people. It is also easier for advertisers and planners to imagine exactly what kind of expressions and images they will get in advance.

Cataci works as an agent for you to get a license agreement with the licence holders of existing characters. We have a wide network in Japan and around the world, and are able to reach license holders, even those who are not used to working outside Japan. There are so many factors to be considered and we cannot guarantee that we will reach an agreement with the license holder but we will do our best!

Feel free to contact us if you have any existing Japanese manga characters in mind and wish to make a licensing agreement.

Creating characters and manga images from scratch

We will provide you with unique manga/anime characters and expressions by collaborating with some of the most talented manga and anime artists in Japan. We are currently working with 25 manga-kas and anime artists and anime artists and can create almost any styles you like – according to your projects.

Here is an example of creating a manga character from scratch.