We are an illustration agency representing Japanese artists internationally

Our clients span from advertise agencies to publishers, textile companies, and virtually all other types of manufacturers.

Over the past few decades, the Japanese creative scene has been getting a lot of attention – especially in the fields of fashion and architecture – but despite the high quality of Japanese illustrations and artworks, we still don’t see many of them being used for projects outside Japan. cataci.com was founded to promote these talented Japanese artists by creating an international platform that will connect them with projects worldwide.

Surface design

The surface design and illustrations that our designers provide can be used for various projects: Advertising, magazines, books, news papers, packaging, textile, tableware, stationery, interior, etc.

The best from Japan

Our artists are the leading illustrators and surface designers in Japan, and have all been carefully selected to take part in this project.

Distinctive style

Each artist we represent has his or her own distinctive style. There is a wide variety of styles available, but if you don’t find the style that you are looking for, we can find one for you.

Connecting Europe and Japan for over 15 years

We started our business in 2002, and since then we are working as a bridge between Europe and Japan. We are one of the leading design agencies in Japan, representing many European designers there. This time our aim is to be successful in the other way around as well. We're bringing the best Japan can offer to Europe and the rest of the world!

Our artists have worked with many international clients including:

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